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Frequently Asked Questions

arrow What does the music CD contain?

Each CD includes a variety of mind-stimulating and memory-improving activities as well as an introduction to the program.

arrow  What types of activity programs do the CDs cover?

The CDs include a variety of activities such as music history, beat-finding and shaker rhythm exercises as well conducting activities in different patterns. The aim is to make the listener a part of the band (and, in the process, to have some fun). Each CD also contains music to be listened to while sleeping, as the latest research has shown that memory can be stimulated by listening to music containing familiar sounds while asleep.

arrow  What do you mean by beat-finding?

Beat-finding exercises require listeners to either clap their hands, tap their fingers on their knee or stomp their feet in time to the beat. Most songs have a steady beat or a pulse that continues throughout. Finding this beat and following it rhythmically will help listeners to concentrate -- which will in turn challenge their brains. We recommend repeating this exercise because listeners will be better able to find the beat of music that's familiar.

arrow  What do you mean by shaker rhythm exercises?

Shaker rhythm exercises require listeners to participate with the music by using a shaker or other homemade instrument to follow the beat. You can purchase a shaker here or simply use a box of Tic-Tac's or plastic cup filled with coins.

arrow  Aside from exercises and activities, is there music to listen to on the CD?

The end of each CD features an additional 20-30 minutes of a variety of music that's meant to be played in the background of daily routines or before bed. A variety of scientific studies have shown that listening to this type of music -- even in the background -- has a substantial impact on thinking skills in those who have experienced changes in memory.