Physical Exercise

Stay Active

Physical Activity Experts agree that the most important thing a person can do to both improve and protect against memory loss is physical exercise (on a regular basis and as approved by a physician). Mental exercise may also be important although the scientific-evidence is less clear. Staying active socially, taking adult education classes, finding a new hobby, or learning something new (like how to play an instrument) may be better than repetitive or frustrating brain games (e.g., Sudoku).


Here are some tools that visitors have suggested for physical & mental exercise. Or for more information a for a list of great holiday gift ideas Visit: for several great gift ideas, including books, activities & non-drug therapies (most under $20).

There are quick links to a variety of tools to help fight AD, as well as meaningful activities for patients with AD, dementia and memory loss that the whole family can enjoy.

2013 Updates:

Suggestion from: Mary N, Nashville, TN - "This Sitting Seniors Fitness program on DVD is great for activity for Alzheimer's and many other conditions like Arthritis, Diabetes, and Osteoporosis. We've been using this program at our facility for years." 
Seniors Exercise DVD: Senior / Elderly Sitting Exercises DVD, Easy Sitting PILATES Strength, Rehab & Physical Therapy. Seniors Elderly Exercises DVD.

Devices for all Ages:
Suggestion from: Anonymous - "We have been totally amazed at how much my uncle has enjoyed and really fallen in love with his new Apple iPad 2 (Newest version) . After three years suffering with speech problems and memory loss after a major stroke, he is able to communicate better by using a new application called Simple Speaking. I highly recommend this!"

Suggestion from: Ruth, Peoria, IL - "My husband has very early stage AD and has really enjoyed the Kindle Fire we received as a gift over Christmas. I think its great for reading and playing on the web, keeps him busy and I enjoy it as well" To order, click Kindle Fire, Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi


Get Fit in Bed: Tone Your Body & Calm Your Mind from the Comfort of Your Bed

Alzheimer's Association Presents The Big Brain Puzzle Book

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